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  • LPG Boat Safety Inspections

    We can carry out a Gas Safety Inspection on your boat.

    Once the safety inspection is completed we will issue a safety certificate with our findings.

    Many Insurance companies now require a regular gas safety inspection, to ensure they are insuring a safe boat.

    Regular Gas safety checks of your boat gas appliances and pipework are vital for your safety.

    Need LPG Boat Safety Inspections

    When you consider LPG gas is probably the most dangerous substance on your boat.

    Many boats have old out of date gas hose pipes connected to the gas system. 

    All LPG gas hoses have a date stamp on them and should always be replaced just before the expiry date, before if needed.

    Most boat owners loth having to change anything related to the gas unless it stops working.
    Regular inspections will reveal any potential problems.

    Carbon monoxide is another big safety issue with boats, 

    When using any gas appliances on the boats you must make sure you do not block off any ventilation points, they are there for a reason.

    A good carbon monoxide detector should always be fitted in the gas appliance area.

    Arrange LPG Boat Safety Inspections

    You can arrange a Boat Gas Safety Inspection through our online booking form.