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    Gas Safe Gas Safety For Tenants
  • Gas Safety For Tenants and Rentals

    When you take over a tenancy it’s important you receive a copy of a gas safety certificate

    Before you use any of the gas appliances including the central heating.

    Gas safety for tenants is sometimes overlooked if renting from private landlords, especially first time landlords,

    but the law states that any rented property, even if only rented for one day has to have a gas safety inspection certificate in place.

    Faulty gas fittings, flues and appliances can be a danger to life,

    So it’s very important a gas safety certificate is valid for the property in question.

    All gas appliances are checked for safety, ensuring they are of no danger to the user.

    The gas supply is checked at the gas meter to check for any gas leaks.

    If your landlord did not give you a copy of the gas safety certificate then

    I would advise you to call in a local Gas Safe Registered Company to carry out the safety checks before you use any of the appliances.

    You want to know you will be safe when you use the appliances.

    Tell the landlord you are arranging for a local gas safe registered company to come and test your appliances.

    He may not like it, but the law states any property rented must have a certificate in place before renting out, it’s your right to know you are safe.

    If he tells you that he has a certificate or is arranging for one to be carried out, tell him you need it now.

    Worst scenario, report him to gas safe who will investigate and prosecute.

    Carbon monoxide

    as we know can and will kill, you cannot see it or even smell it, so it’s worthwhile investing in a carbon monoxide detector,

    they are not very expensive around £15-20. A good landlord will have already fitted one to his property.

    Like I said at the begging gas safety for tenants seems to get overlooked for some reason, know your rights before you take over a tenancy.

    You have the same rights as anybody to be safe the property you live in.

    If you are a student we all know it can the best time of your life so always be safe? Don’t fall asleep in front of a gas fire, turn it off and be safe.

    Gas Safe has information on their website about gas safety for tenants.