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  • Questions and answers.
    Questions and answers.

    Below are some of the most common questions that we get asked.

    Send in your questions and we will post the answer here.

    While the questions and answers are common they do not apply to everyone.

    I have no mains gas connected to my property, is there a way I can get gas connected so I can cook and heat my home with gas.?

    Your options are as follows.
    First, we need to carry out a survey of your property to establish if it is possible to connect gas.

    You have two options, the first one is bottled gas, otherwise known as LPG.

    To heat your home you will need four gas bottles, these are normally located on an outside non-combustible wall.
    A gas regulator and pipework are installed and connected to the gas bottles and appliances.

    The other option is a gas tank which is located in a safe location.

    The gas tank can be buried below ground or on the surface.
    Your first port of call would be to call a local LPG gas supplier company 
    who will be able to tell you if it is possible to have a buried tank.
    Once the gas is connected, we can replace or either convert your appliances to work with LPG.

    I have an electric boiler, is it possible to convert to gas?

    Yes, so long as you have a location for gas bottles or tank.
    The boiler is simply replaced with an LPG boiler.

    Can a natural gas cooker be converted to work with bottle gas?

    Yes, You will need an LPG conversion kit for your appliance.
    You will need to contact the makers of your cooker you will be able to supply the kit.

    My boiler keeps losing pressure but we cannot find any leaks, what could be the problem?

    Your boiler should be serviced every year, part of the service is checking the expansion vessel. This tends to get overlooked for some reason.

    The most common reason for a boiler losing pressure is the expansion vessel.

    My boiler was installed 3 years a go and has broken down. I have a 7-year warranty for the boiler but have been told I will need to pay for the repair because I have no service history. Is this true?

    Yes, this is true. Most boiler manufacturers now offer long warranties for their boilers subject to the boiler having an annual service carried out.

    Every boiler comes with a book called benchmark, every time the boiler is serviced, it has to be recorded in the benchmark book, signed and dated by the boiler engineer.

    My friend installed my boiler for me but is not gas safe registered. I have been told that I have no warranty for boiler because it has not been registered, is this true?

    Yes, every boiler installed has to be registered with gas safe by the installer by law.

    It is illegal for someone who is not gas safe registered to work on gas and gas appliances. You may also find that your home insurance is now void due, to the fact you used someone not registered.

    I am told my unvented hot water tank needs a service, is this true?

    All unvented hot water cylinders should be serviced without fail annually.

    You may notice water dripping from the safety discharge pipe if this is the case you should arrange to get it checked over.

    My boiler keeps showing a fault code what should I do?

    It all depends on what the fault code is. You can use the reset button to clear the code, but if it still keeps showing it’s advisable to have it checked by a boiler engineer.

    Some of my radiators are not heating up what should I do?

    The first thing you should do is turn the heating on, all the radiators that heat up switch off. If you have radiators upstairs and downstairs that is not working, start by turning the upstairs one off as well. The downstairs one should start to heat up. Once hot leave for 30 minutes before introducing the upstairs radiators. You should find the upstairs ones start to heat up. Once hot, introduce the rest of the radiators you switched off. If the problem still persists then you have a circulation problem. The system may need flushing out. It’s best to let a local boiler engineer check your system for you.

    I have a combination boiler that is 5 years old, I have noticed that when I run the bath some of the radiators heat up. What do you think the problem could be.

    Most combination boilers have a diverter valve that moves over to hot water or heating depending on what is being called for. The valve may be getting stuck between both sides or even faulty. This is something you need to get checked out. Find a local boiler engineer.

    LPG boilers are they any good?

    There is no difference between LPG and natural gas boilers. The only difference is the gas no use. Natural gas boilers work at 20mb whereas LPG boilers work at 37mb.

    I am having an extension built that will need 4 radiators connected to my heating system, do I need a new boiler?

    This all depends on the boiler heat output. It’s advisable to call in a boiler engineer to check it for you. You may find your existing boiler is capable of running the extra radiators.